Arctic Zero better than Halo Top???

Today I picked up the Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts Cookie Dough Chip ice cream! I have a high expectation for ice cream, but I’m eager to try healthier alternatives!

As you can see on the lid, it is non-gmo, lactose-free, and low glycemic.  75 calories per serving or indulge for 300 calories per pint!

Here we go, first bite! …. hmmmm.. this is interesting… I think I like it.. it’s not as creamy as regular ice cream and kind of has a watery taste or consistency or something. The cookie dough pieces are SOOOO GOOD, for sure the best part. The vanilla ice cream is kinda bland though by itself and I’m wanting more cookie dough! To be honest though, the more I eat it the better it’s getting. And it’s really nice that I’m not going to feel guilty after eating this, I ate about half the container and I don’t feel gross and heavy! I think we found a winner!

Overall Rating: 7/10

The first bite was probably like a 5/10 but the more I ate the better it was somehow, I like that it’s guilt free and am excited to try other flavors and brands!

Let me know what your favorite guilt-free ice cream is and if you want me to taste test/ review HaloTop ice cream in the comments below!


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